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BJU Biology... has anyone had a 9th grader do this program?

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I have a friend asking. Her daughter has had Apologia General. She will be 15 next year, do you think it will be too hard to skip into Biology without having had the Physical Science course? She has had God's Design for Chemistry and God's design for physics and then Apologia general the last 3 years. She is currently in Saxon 7/8, so she is a bit math delayed, but her reading and writing skills are excellent.

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My 15 year old 9th grader is currently taking BJU Biology and is averaging about a 98 in it right now. She did not take physical science.


We use HomeSat. We attempted BJU Biology last year on our own, and it was too difficult, so we held off for a year. This year she is doing much better -- I don't know how much of the difference is maturity and how much of it is having access to the live classes. (I imagine it's a little of both.)

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We did do a little of BJUP's Physical World last year, but mostly mixed A Beka and Apologia's Physical Science during 8th grade. We had done BJUP's Life Science in 7th grade. I have used Apologia Biology and A Beka Biology with my older children.


BJUP's THIRD (not the 2nd) edition of biology is more rigorous than either Apologia Biology or A Beka Biology. This comment applies to both the text and the labs. (However, this is not the same thing as saying that Apologia and A Beka aren't rigorous; it's just that BJUP is more rigorous.) As such, I think it would be difficult, although definitely possible, to teach without a science background (or without the DVD's), especially the sections on cell biology and biochemistry.


Oh! I almost forgot to address your first question: No, I don't think it's necessary to have done BJUP's 9th grade Physical World in order to succeed with BJUP's 3rd ed Biology. But, as I mentioned above, there may be other considerations to factor in.



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