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You're dying to know what I spent my tax refund on, aren't you?

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Sure you are.


Well, I spent it on.....


















A carpet steam cleaner. Exciting, huh? A steam cleaner is cheaper than new flooring, so I had to go the practical route and buy something useful instead of something fun. :glare:

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I've never regretted buying our carpet cleaner, and there have been many times I've wondered if I could have cleaned...stuff...out of the carpet without it!


You wanna know what we're doing with ours and our tax refund? Getting dh decent wheels! I'm so excited for him. He drives nearly two hours a day, and he's been managing with a cruddy, old hand-me-down truck for so long. :hurray:


Yay! I can't wait!

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Our refund was spent on something much more fun...


















A back-up generator. Yeah! We have a kid with medical issues and we need electricity, darn it. Our area has had some blackout problems lately and I get nervous because my son has some equipment that runs off of electricity. We've always been fine with the rechargeable batteries for his equipment but what if... So we splurged and bought a generator. If you're in our neighborhood during the next blackout; my house will be the only one with lights on and about 50 neighbors camping there:)

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