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how much writing fo r9th grade

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I am just wondering how much "formal" writing i should have for a 9th grade. I was thinking of two argumentative papers, one with footnotes and research/quotes, two character sketches, and one literary analysis. This would be in addition to history summaries/short writing. Does this seem adequate? Too much?

Thanks for any input!


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If you can determine specifics for the papers; i.e. length and parameters, it will help. For example, you might schedule one month for a 4 to 6 page research paper with documentation. Two weeks for the character sketch. Two weeks for literary analysis with one week for reading and notetaking and then one week for writing and editing. If you have nine months, then you can put together the schedule. Research paper in October. Another in November. Character sketch in December. Also, you might want to look at Writer's Inc. It has examples of many types of writing. You could include a month of letter writing in January - business and personal. Also, write something for publication during the month of February - letter to the editor or an essay contest. Use March for fiction writing if your student has an interest. Since you plan to include history summaries and other short writing, one month for a major writing project might be the best benchmark. The end result would be nine quality pieces.

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