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ElizabethB, can you tell me a little bit about Words

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:) Not ElizabethB, but I have this book as well.


It's for reading and spelling skills "of approximately 3rd grade level and above". Uses Greek and Latin word roots.


Lessons are scripted and activities are included, but it's not a standard workbook with fill-in-the-blanks.


"Five units of instruction focus on the following" -


I. Letter-sound Correspondences


II. Syllable Patterns


III. Layers of Language: Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Greek


IV. Morpheme Patterns


V. Strategies for Decoding and Spelling Long, Unfamiliar Words


Excellent approach, but if you want a teacher-friendly, pick-up-and-go program, Rewards is easier to use.


HTH! :)

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For some reason, it is always expensive on Amazon.


She has a new version with some nice worksheets, which is nice if you use it with more than one child; however, it is more than the old version. (But easier to use.) The old version was $25, this one is $39. It's great for me, I can use it with my large classes and just keep printing out worksheets, it was more work to do it from the board or working from the book.


Here is the description at Pro Ed, unfortunately they do not have samples:



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