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Integrated Am. His. Science - Lewis & Clark? Etc?


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Next year I'm planning a unit-study-type approach to US history using (among other things) the Portraits of American Girlhood Unit Study book. I'm unsure what to do for science next year, as we'll be restarting our rotation and will be back on life/bio etc.


In a 'light-bulb' moment, I wondered if I could integrate science in with our history theme by studying something like the journal that Lewis kept on the journey and branching off of it. Perhaps adding things like the North American Wildlife Guide and/or the Handbook of Nature Study.


Does anyone know if there is something like this already out there (for Lewis & Clark or other American History topics) or would I be on my own? I saw there was something like this integrated in the Trail Guides .... but I don't want to buy that on top of what I'm already buying just for the science.


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Check out these titles by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent:

Plants on the Trail With Lewis and Clark

Animals on the Trail With Lewis and Clark


We used them when we studied L & C, and they were great resources.


I wonder if Hands of a Child has anything like this -- I'm sure they have a lapbook kit for L & C, and it probably has some of what you're looking for.

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