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MIL lung cancer update

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Thanks for all your love and support. Like one previous poster mentioned with her own experience, my MIL didn't live long after she went on oxygen and got a hospital bed...in fact only six days. She died in hospice very peacefully with only me by her bed (everyone else had been there for 30+ hours and went home for a bite and a bit of rest, poor guys)...I hummed/sang hymns and a chorus to her and she went to Glory with me singing, "Open My Eyes, Lord." Thanks for your caring words to me during this difficult transition. She will be missed dearly.



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I'm sorry for your loss.

How long did she live after diagnosis? My father has STage IV lung cancer and it still taking chemo. However, he just barely tolerates it.


Thanks to all for their words of encouragement and condolence.


My MIL started coughing about a year before she passed, and it took about 7 months before they diagnosed it. She lived for 6 months after that. She tried one round of chemo, but just couldn't do it. I really think she knew her time was up and she spent quite a bit of time, by herself and with one daughter "getting her house in order." Her one daughter still has more to do to continue getting the house fully ready for her dad to live alone (completely of the generation where Mom did EVERYTHING domestic). What surprised us all was how quickly she deteriorated not only in the last 8 weeks, but in the last two weeks. We thought we had WAY more time. Bloodwork in the last couple of days showed that her white cell count was through the roof, which indicated leukemia.

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