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Daughter in laws platelettes have dropped...

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and they are keeping a close eye on that. Baby Chloe continues to develop and thrive. Sonia's platelettes dropped from 200 to 140's. If they continue to drop (she is on continual bedrest in the hospital, this is her 3rd week there), they will take the baby so that there is no risk of her bleeding to death with child birth. If they stay the same or go up, she may still deliver naturally.


Thanks for all the messages and prayers. Baby Chloe is now 30-1/2 weeks!

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Will keep them both in my prayers. I have ITP --with my last two my counts dropped low. My third was the hardest - bedrest from Jan - May but my count held at 100 until they decided to take him 2.5 weeks before due date. My count was at 80 the day I delivered so I had to be put to sleep for the c-section. My last I was high enough to be able to have an epidural for the section.

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I'm a HELLP syndrome survivor, so I understand perfectly. The good news is that your DIL's was caught in time to monitor and hopefully prolong the time the baby can stay in utero.It makes a major difference.


:iagree: and me too - twice!


:iagree: Add me to this group, but 3 times for me.

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