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Guitar suggestions?

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I was waiting to see if anyone with more experience replied, but no one has I'll give you what little I know. I have been researching guitars for my 9 year old (he's taking lessons), and here's what I have learned....


There are a TON of guitars brands and models out there! There are a lot of guitar reviews out there, too. The main site I have been using is reviews.harmony-central.com. These are user reviews and they have a separate review database for acoustic and electric. You can look up reviews on Amazon for some current models, even if you choose to buy elsewhere. If you just google "good beginner acoustic guitar", you will find a lot of articles to read, some with specific model recommendations.


A used guitar can be a great value, if you find one you like in good playable condition. There are a lot of problems to look for, so be sure you are buying from someone reputable if you choose used. I got a cheap acoustic a few years ago from eBay that was in perfect condition that sounds great to me (I don't play, but I listen just fine!). It is safer to buy locally unless you really know what you are looking for, so you can make sure you like the way it sounds and feels in your hands.


If you have small hands, you may want to take into account the size of the guitar you are buying. There are thinner bodied guitars, small scale guitars, a line of guitars geared toward women, etc.


Do you know if you want straight acoustic (steel or nylon string?) or acoustic/electric? If not, you need to decide those things first.


Good luck! If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer if I know.

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I just started playing a couple of months ago, I am 32. I have a Daisy Rock guitar, it is full size but has a smaller neck (easier for your hands to fit around). I have had more than a few guys play it and wish they could have one themselves; however, the daisy fret markers are a bit of a deterrent. :) Here is the link


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We have had good luck going to a good quality music store and buying a used guitar, instead of a cheap new guitar. We started our one daughter out with a cheap new one, and it turns out you could never even get it perfectly tuned because the wood was warped.


Since then, we have gotten two more guitars at a great used instrument store called "Music Go Round" -- I think it's a chain. They only sell good quality instruments, and we can get a nice quality used guitar for the same price as a new, cheaper one that doesn't have nearly as nice a sound.


Also, if it's a store that specializes in guitars, they can certainly help advise you.

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Do a search on the forums as this topic has come up a few times. Try, "buying guitar" and you'll get three threads (not including this one.) Below is the answer I gave to another poster awhile back.



This could be your anwer:




Sometime back, a mom here recommended this guitar at Musician's friend. I believe her son had done a lot of searching and studying and eventually bought this guitar. I was seriously looking at the time and after reading her post and all the great reviews at the Musician's Friend site, I took the plunge and bought it. Someone else here did too.


I love it. I'm not a guitar guru, so I can't give any great details, but it's got a nice sound. My mom, who has played guitar since I was little, had her own "baby" (guitar) that she used all those years. When she heard and saw my guitar she loved it's sound and how easily the strings could be held down compared to hers. She went and bought one too.


If your budget is $100, I don't think you can go wrong with this guitar, especially when it has free shipping too!


Good luck!

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