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When do I use FLL and WWE (w/ MFW & Latin)?


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I have a question about when (and if) I should employ FLL and WWE. I'm using the My Father's World (MFW) curriculum for 1st grade and so far she has only had to copy sentences down. Further in the curriculum, it looks like my child will have to read, and/or be read to, a Bible story, and then write a short summary.


After 1st grade, MFW recommends Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl to cover Language Arts.


My worst subject in school was LA and I've always dreaded writing. After reading TWTM and listening to Jessie Wise Bauer at a homeschool convention, I was "sold" on her methods for teaching grammar and writing. I remember wishing Jessie would just come up with a curriculum of her own so that I wouldn't have to piece-meal it all together from her array of recommends. Imagine my delight when I found that she does have a LA program!


Now, how, and when, and if, I should implement.


I want to start either Latin (through Prima Latina) and/or Spanish (through Rosetta Stone Homeschool) next year with my 6yo dd. I'm wondering if she'll get enough "grammar" lessons with the foreign language study to cover her needs. So would FLL be necessary? And any thoughts on what to start first, Spanish or Latin?


And should I begin WWE now?

Should I have her do it after MFW 1st grade and then speed her though the 1st grade portion?


Thanks for any help out there! What a great wealth of info y'all have to share!

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I think it's very helpful for a child to work through FLL (at least the first grade portion) before beginning Prima Latina. It's not absolutely necessary, but it's certainly a help.


You could go ahead and start FLL and WWE (level 1 for both of them) right now. FLL will take you about 5 minutes a day three times a week in the beginning, and WWE will take 5-10 minutes (at most) 4 days a week. Both really are excellent preparation for the writing and grammar a child will study through the rest of elementary school and beyond.

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