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Math Mammoth placement questions...


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I'm going to switch my 8yo dd from MEP to MM. She's just finishing MEP 2a right now. I've looked at the samples from MM and it looks like she's up to speed on addition/subtraction methods up to 3a in MM, but she's missing place value to hundreds, geometry, fractions, and clocks, so I got the blue workbooks for those topics. I'm hoping I can get her through these and then put her in 3a. Is anyone familiar with both programs? Does this sound about right?


Also, how does MEP 1 line up with MM 1? 6yo ds is finishing MEP 1b. Could I put him in MM 1b?



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MEP and MM are set up a little differently as far as the scope and sequence go. We used MEP last year and decided to switch to MM for this school year because it seems to be less teacher intensive. DD8 finished MEP 2A in May and we started MM Light Blue 2A this summer. It's been a fairly smooth transition and there have been portions that we've skipped because she had already mastered them. I would recommend that you look at the placement tests from the MM website to get a better idea of what is covered in each grade level.

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