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Is there anyway of getting old VHSC tapes onto DVD?

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We have a couple of VHSC tapes from when my oldest 2 were little and I would love to be able to put them onto a dvd. We don't even have an adapter for them so we can watch them with the VCR. Does anyone know of any place that can put them onto a DVD? I want to be able to perserve this precious memories.


Sams club $20.

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I just finished transferring all of my mom's VHS-C tapes to DVDs.


I have a capture card that I bought for my computer along with capture, editing, and burning software. I have a VCR hooked up to the capture card and burn the DVDs with my computer.


If you don't have a lot of movies to transfer, you might want to see if you can find a used adapter on eBay and use a VCR/DVD recorder combo to do it.

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What do you mean?



I'm sry I was in a huge hurry and tried to give just the basic info! At my Sams club in the photo dept. there is a sign (Costco too I believe) that for $20 they will put a VHS tape (home movie) onto DVD.


Does that help?

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We found someone in our area who did it in the yellow pages. He only charged $60 and we ended up with about 15 DVDs. I think we got a deal!


I also just got my super 8s from when I was a kid and when dh was a kid. We're going to have this guy put them on dvds for Christmas presents for all the siblings.

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