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If you have had your thyroid surgically removed

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I had 1/2 of mine removed at 15 years old. I don't remember having trouble speaking once my throat healed from the breathing tube. I know that sometimes they can hurt your voice box while they're in there. Everything is so close in that area. So, I would say, you should be able to talk normal in less than a week.


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My sister just had half her thyroid removed a couple of weeks ago. She was already speaking normally in the hospital room later that same day. I think she was speaking a little more softly, but really she had no speaking problems (nor much of a sore throat) afterward.

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had hers removed about 17 yrs ago and her voice never went back to normal. She loved to sing and was devistated. She never could sing soprano since :crying: Her voice has never sounded the same since.


Hope this isn't the case for your friend, but it sounds like her vocal cords were damaged. Thats what happened with mom.

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