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Writing.... need ideas for curriculums!


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Writing Strands is fairly independent. Don't let the level numbers fool you - Level 3 states "for 8 - 12 year olds", etc. Their site has a breakdown of generalized appropriate levels to start a child with based on his age.


Evan-Moor has Daily 6-Trait Writing which works nicely alongside their Writing Fabulous Sentences and Paragraphs. The latter series has different titles depending on what grade range you're using it with (younger grades have a book about forming sentences well). Daily 6-Trait Writing has a book for each grade level.


Most other programs I'd recommend happen to be teacher intensive. One that I haven't checked out to know whether it's teacher-intensive or not is IEW. Maybe someone else can tell you if using just their SWIs could fit the bill.

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IEW's themed writing lessons can be done independently. The student book is written directly to them and tells them what to do. The teacher book, if you use it, tells you which pages in the student resource pages they need for that lesson (it's from a download) and sample white boards for beginning the outline together or brainstorming adjectives/adverbs, etc. With my kids, we do a "lesson" on Mondays to get the assignment started, and then they finish the assignment on their own during the week.


The grading is really easy, too. They require the students to mark all of the required elements and turn in the assignment with a checklist that has all of the points listed. All you have to do is check that the required elements are there and done properly and add up the points.

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