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Relocation and finding a job? How do you accomplish this?

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We want to relocate to the South. I know I have mentioned this before. Either SC,TN,AL, GA or FL.


My DH has put in several applications/resumes. One job he was very qualified for. But he recieved a response of "You need to live within 60 miles of the business".


This is not the first time he has recieved this kind of response.


So how do people find jobs in other states then?


We KNOW we are not 60 miles from the business, we clearly stated that on his resume that we would be relocating to the area.


Any tips on how to search for a job, and secure one, in other states?

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We'll be moving to an area next summer, possibly without having a job first. We will have about 6 months current income in the bank when we go and the COL is lower where we are moving.


I will be finding a job, but I doubt that I would be able to get one before relocating. Dh and I are both willing to work stop gap jobs in the meantime if necessary.


It helps that I will be licensed in the state we are moving to.

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I don't know what line of work your dh is in and that could make some difference.


With the economy being tanked and unemployment being high companies can be pretty picky about who they hire.


One of the best ways to get jobs is through people you already know. Do you know anyone in the areas you are considering moving to that would have connections for jobs?

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In this day of electronic communication, etc., all you really need is someone willing to be your home address in the area until you have your own home address, or a mailing address there. DH has gotten jobs in a target area by using a friend's address until we moved there, or by having a mailing address in the area with a mail service. It works. You may have to pay your own way to the interview, but it's been worth it for us.

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I know here in Charlotte it's really, really hard to find a job without living here first. Charlotte is so popular right now with folks moving from the NE and tons moving from Fl and everyone says to find a job before moving here but people aren't able to find jobs because so many are trying to come here :glare:...

I know in our situation, my dad is desperatly trying to get out of Fl(we are half-backs) and has changed his address to ours in N.C. so it's easier to get a job here...

Maybe if you know someone you can use their address? Best of luck!

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