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A question for those who wear a watch

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This is so trivial, but here goes - dh recently bought me a new watch as a gift. Very sweet of him : )


I am right handed. I can't decide whether to wear it on my right wrist or my left wrist. If I wear it on my left wrist - the color of my watch is silver but my wedding ring is gold. WWYD?

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I am right-handed, and despite the fashion-police protests, I always wore my watch on my left wrist so I could write comfortably.


Nowadays, it doesn't matter which wrist you put it on. Go forth in peace, my friend.


I can only stand to wear bracelets, etc. on my right arm when I'm doing something (like going out or getting married) that won't require me to be writing.

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My mother always insisted the only *right* thing to do was to wear a watch on the non-dominant side. I thought that was a pain (and I'm naturally contrary), so when I wore a watch, I wore it on my right (even though I'm right handed).


I don't think it really matters in the least. Why not wear it one way today and another tomorrow and see which seems more comfortable?

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