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Insomnia! Help!

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I have been struggling with insomnia for months now. Most of my life I have been a good sleeper. No trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I've always needed a solid 7.5 to 8 hours. For a year after I had my son 12 years ago I had problems, but that stopped when I weaned him & I returned to my regular sleep patterns. Once in a while I would have trouble sleeping, but could connect it to a specific event or caffeine, etc.


For the last few months, I have been miserable. I fall asleep fine and sleep fine most of the time, BUT I wake up too early (anywhere from 4 to 6pm) and CANNOT go back to sleep even though I'm tired. I was waking up at 6, so I adjust my bedtime, but now I can wake up, like I said, anywhere between 4 and 6pm. Every morning! Today woke up at 4:30. There are a few nights off and on where I get a good night's sleep, but rarely. If I was happy, healthy and alert, I'd look at it as a blessing - think of everything I can get done!


However, I am tired all the time. It's affecting my effectiveness and sometimes my moods. I'm in a fog and am misplacing things, forgetting things. I feel like I'm always working, but not getting anywhere, like the proverbial hamster. I'm spinning my wheels a lot because I am so cotton-picking TIRED! It's affecting my driving judgement. I'm becoming used to functioning while tired, but am aware of all the difficulties it's causing.


Sometimes it's my upstairs neighbor making noise, but not always, not the very early awakenings. I suspect hormones (menopause) is involved, but don't know what to do about it. Any menopause treatments I have read about seem to help other symptoms which I do not have, and not the insomnia.


The websites I've searched have not been much help. They all talk about habits that cultivate good sleep, most of which I have. I could exercise more. I found little to no info on waking early and the articles that did mention it just listed it as a possible symptom of depression, which I do not have. I'm just sleep deprived! And nothing seems to mention how to solve the problem!


I do occasionally get a good night once in a while, which is keeping me from going totally insane!


Anyone else have any experience with this and found any solutions? I am so frustrated about this right now!

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You just described my DH. He has tried everything - or so it seems - without relief. I hope you get some good info, because we could sure use it too. He has a sleep study scheduled for 10/13. Hoping that reveals something helpful, although I doubt he has sleep apnea because he doesn't snore or seem to stop breathing in the night.




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I have trouble going back to sleep if I've had a few hours of sleep too. This really got worse when hot flashes started. Maybe your hormones are shifting. I will drift off if I listen to some news or talk on the radio. It seems to distract my mind that has moved into day mode, and I don't look at the clock. That clock will kill you. Can you take a nap?

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