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know what i miss? (halloween candy)

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That's so funny. I was the only one, too, and here's a wierd confession: I once wrote the date on one, and kept it in a keepsake box for something like fifteen years! I found it when my dad wanted me to move some of my junk out of their house one summer. And, no, I didn't have the guts to taste it! Thanks for the reminder!

Nancy in Alberta.

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I miss the tiny candy cigarettes - did find a bag of little boxes of "Super Hero sticks" at Walmart yesterday. Yes, those tiny hard fake cigarettes were just solid sugar, but as kids we felt so cool pretending to smoke. Yes, it was the 60's. ;)


I miss the wax lips and sugar-water filled wax bottles, too. Too much of the candy now available is mini-Snickers, etc. I miss the oddball stuff we kids would only see at Halloween! I try to grab oddball stuff if I see it to hand out.

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