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Bought from an online used bookstore, not in good condition

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I bought a book from a used book store online, and they described it as having a "sound binding," but when I opened it, the paper between the front cover and the pages of the book was torn almost all the way up!


Anyone have any idea how these thigns usually go? I paid for shipping, naturally, and that was close to half the price of the book.


This is supposed to be a gift, and I need it to be in better condition. I have to buy a replacement now (which will probably be late).


Argh! I was just wondering what to expect.

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I've had good luck getting refunds from Amazon sellers, but on the off chance that the seller refuses or doesn't respond to your request, do not hesitate to contact Amazon about it. They have gone to bat for me and secured a refund when the seller was being balky.

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