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"Candidate's Choice App" - Has anyone ever heard of these?


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My ds received a few of these from colleges, and they come with self addressed enveloped and questionnaires for the references, etc. They, also, say that they will notify you about financial aid awards with admission decision from them. Has anyone ever seen these? I know that two of the schools got his name from a public high school teacher's rec (yes, he is in public high school now) and a third was listed to get his SAT scores, but otherwise, I was just curious about it. It sure would be nice to know how much $$ they were giving you when you were accepted.


Does anyone know anything about these



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My daughter has received lots of priority applications. She filled out one, got accepted within two weeks (it didn't need a recommendation or essay) and then got notified that she received their highest merit award this week. SHe will be filling out some more in the next few weeks since some colleges she is very interested in gave her those too.

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