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I really WANT to like PLL . . .


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I really do, but I DON'T!!!!


I have bought it, tried it, sold it, and bought it again. And, once again, it is a BUST! Ugh. Why do we do this to ourselves?


Looks like I'll be pulling out trusty old Rod and Staff!


Just wanted to vent :D



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It works great for us so far (fourth week in), but I can see where it can not be good for many. Do you have Serl's original or the revised workbook type? I ended up buying the teacher's guide too, but so far I haven't found much use for it. Maybe in later lessons.

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I did the same thing, I had the Hillside edition. I've learned that I like very to the point kind of things- PHP materials and CLE work better for us.


We have the Hillside edition. I think you're right, I think it's because it doesn't get right to the point. My dd looks at me like, "Where are we going with this?" But, then again, she missed two math problems yesterday and burst into tears because she didn't get 100%. That's probably why she doesn't care for PLL, there's no way to gauge a "grade.":lol:

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