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Homeschool Room Pictures


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I have been lurking for the past few months, but I love looking at pictures of other homeschool rooms so I wanted to share. I am thrilled to say our room is finally done!


This room used to be our den. I love the fact that I can close the door and all our school supplies are in one place. My talented husband built all the bookshelves and the cabinet that houses our work boxes. The base cabinets were unfinished from Home Depot. I spent hours and hours painting and varnishing all the cabinets and shelves. I finally moved the last of the books in last night. My husband still has to finish the crown molding on the top of the long wall of cabinets, but other then that the room is done! The finishing touch was hanging the South Korean and American flags. Both of my daughters were adopted from South Korea and we are trying to incorporate their culture into our studies. I hope you enjoy the pictures!




Desk area, history and literature




Work Table




Workbox Cabinet



Science and Math Shelves



Art and Misc Supplies inside the tall cabinet




Base cabinets under the science and math shelves. The other base cabinets house educational games, puzzles and my printer.


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Wow! Those are fantastic. I can't help thinking about how much money went into all that stuff inside those cabinets. Homeschooling can be expensive, can't it? Your kids are blessed and your husband deserves a nice chocolate cake, lol.


So do you! Nice job mom~

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That's a stunning room! I want a room like that someday.


Know what I love the most? Your FLOORS! Those are the exact hardwood floors I want in my house. We're saving up to redo the entire downstairs with those floors - I can't wait!

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Beautiful! And impressive, too----you have an amazing collection of books and supplies! Have you been homeschooling for many years?


Thanks! We haven't officially started homeschooling yet. We made the decision in June to homeschool starting in K. My oldest is 4 years old and we enrolled her in a private pre-K for the 2010-2011 school year 8 months ago. She went to nursery school at the same place and we love the teacher. We decided to stick with a 3 day a week pre-K for this year and then start homeschool for K. My youngest is 2.5 and she will start nursery school at home next year. Right now we do baby school with her while her sister is at school.


The book collection is a combination of finds at a very good used book store where kids books are $0.65, my books from when I was a child and our town transfer station. Our transfer station has a wonderful swap shop of free items you no longer need. There are quite a few homeschool families in the area who drop of books in great condition. I found a box of 50 Newbery award winning books a couple of weeks ago which made my year!



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