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natural or homeopathy for allergies or GERD?

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My nine year old has been getting steadily worse with seasonal allergies, most recently had to have albuterol several times daily. Also has been sick with various viral things for the past three months (since getting diagnosed with GERD).


Side effects of the meds are awful. Stomach pain(like constantly), constipation. irritability, and who knows what else.


I REALLY want to throw out ALL of the meds...including zyrtec, flonase, prevacid(and then zantac), miralax. I think we just keep treating side effects of meds....making him worse.


I should also add that he had not been ill for over a year and a half before all of this started. We do a super bland diet, no eating before bed, no windows open etc.


Any success with anything natural with these ailments for anyone's child?




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I have this now, and I tried Zyrtec and didn't like it.

So I asked for an alternative, and was prescribed Allegra. It has been more effective against the allergies, and it doesn't cause drowsiness or irritability. I use the 12 hour kind, night and morning.


A decent alternative to Flonase that is much more natural is Naselcrom. It forms a physical barrier rather than using the steroids. Personally when I use Allegra, I don't need a nasel treatment in addition to that, but if I did, Naselcrom would be the one.


For the GERD, I assume you have tried all the basic stuff--elevating the head of his bed, losing some weight, not eating within 3 hours of going to bed?


And has he had a sleep study? Sleep apnea is common with GERD in overweight people and can aggravate the effect of the stomach acids coming up in to the throat, if the throat is already constricted by the apnea effects. The newer breathing devices are quieter and more comfortable than the older ones, but you could start with Breathright strips that just hold the nose further open at night.


The allergy and asthma specialist that I have told me that the weight relationship to GERD is very sudden, and you can be significantly overweight and still be low enough to prevent GERD. So, for instance, I'm quite overweight, but he thinks that if I just lost 10-20 pounds rather than the 60 or so that I really could lose without missing them, I might be able to get rid of the GERD entirely.

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Our neighbor healed her GERD after going years skipping meals because it was to painful. She was on prescription medication, but has now thrown them away. She takes a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar in water before a meal now. This is what helped her at my husband's recommendation. She is ecstatic. He is close to becoming a Nutritional Therapist and this book is part of his course. Very eyeopening. Everyone in his class is off there meds and doing great with ACV or HCL.



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I appreciate the replies.


I am not positive that the gerd meds are causing the stomach pain and moodiness/anxiety. I do think it is possible that the zyrtec is actually the culprit. It is really hard to know, though because he tends to need them both at the same time...then the other symptoms start!


He has never had a sleep study, although I have obsessivly listen to him breathe at night...thinking there could be some apnea. We had an x ray of his adnoids which were fine (several years ago). He tends to breath good and steady at night. No snoring, snorting etc. He rarely even coughs at night.


ALLERGIES: He has bad seasonal (weeds/tree/mold) and indoor (dust) allergies. We have, at various time used rx meds and zyrtec. Our insurance won't cover allegra. This fall he was hit hard and has had to have an inhaler for the 1st time ever.


GERD: He had a severe heartburn attack(went to ER) in July. We never saw gerd in him before that time. He had been somewhat stressed, though.

He is eating only bland food with no spice, citrus, tomato etc. No eating several hours before bed, bed elevated, and he is only about 30% of weight for his age....so weight is not an issue(he eats like it's going out of style, though!). We are implementing lots of chewing, smaller bites, more water.


Today will be the first day with no allergy meds or gerd meds in his system. i have his inhaler on stand-by, and plan to run out to whole foods and pick up HEEL for allergies.


I have read about the ACV, but want to "clear him out" before I add anything in right now. It is so hard to tell what is causing or helping what when there are so many things going on!



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I healed dd's GERD after her prescription meds didn't help. I used raw apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp in a glass of water 3 x per day, lots of fresh pineapple, some canned, and these with every meal: http://www.iherb.com/Country-Life-Natural-Tropical-Papaya-500-Chewable-Wafers/1744?at=0 Also, stick to a GERD diet. I'm sure there is plenty of info. on the web as to what to avoid.


Dd has been cured for 5 years now, and off of the cider vinegar/enzymes for at least 4 of them.

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