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Too lazy to check my WTM-latin/greek question


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Okay, I want to do either spanish, latin or greek with my dc, and I'm not sure what to start now. I was leaning towards spanish, but I would want to continue it for quite a few years, and I don't want to put off the latin or greek too long. Also, I don't know if we should just do simple things like Rummy Roots, English from the Roots Up, etc... and stick with the spanish. Or, if we start Latin, do we start with something simple and fun, like Song School Latin, and then go to Minimus, or do we do Prima Latina, and move on from there????


I know there are tons of threads on all of this, but I'm too tired and lazy to look.:tongue_smilie: And, I want to make a decision.



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I like to start with a living language when children are small; they are more able at that age to get decent pronunciation and some natural fluency. I then add in a classical language after that - Latin first, then Greek as well if they are interested.


Best wishes



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