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Singapore Math question


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Take a look at the scope and sequence for the EarlyBird 1A/B and 2A/B and decide which is a better fit for your child's level. Those are what I have for K math. I would save the extra money for pattern blocks and legos and such.

The earlybird books should be sufficient. Make sure you don't just rush through them - they are simple. Spend lots of time with hands-on concepts.

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learning the "number bonds." I used all sorts of things around the house (M&M, buttons, etc) and showed the child the concept of part + part = whole. For example, 3 buttons and 4 buttons make 7 buttons and 7 buttons take away 3 buttons = 4 buttons.


After they understand the concept, I used index cards marking the whole in red and the parts in black. Then I would ask for all the pairs that make 7. I'd spend the year memorizing all the + and - facts up to 10 (special emphasis on 10). This will help greatly with SM 1 in first grade. We didn't do Singapore Early Bird.




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The books on the link are the new ones that came just came out. If they are similar to the Early Bird series, you really just need the student books. The concepts are so simple that the Teacher's Guide will have more than what you would need or have time for.


I agree with someone above that said to save the money for pattern blocks, or other manipulatives. (We have the multilink cubes, a balance scale, pattern blocks, and tons of legos.) These manipulatives are not necessary since you can use anything you have in the house as counters. The balance scale section can be skipped if you don't have one. You can always go to the playground and use a seesaw (if they still have them) and use yourselves as the weights.


God Bless,


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