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What are some must


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We liked (or are liking):


the Baldwin 50/30 Famous stories/people

Famous Men of Greece/Rome

Our Island Story and Scotland's Story

When Knights were Bold

The Sampo

The Story of Siegfried by Baldwin

The Story of Roland by Baldwin

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You can see all of the books at mainlesson.com and determine which would be best for your family, we are enjoying the books under the nature tab. Dd read the Primer book in 1st grade, we're reading The Awakening of Europe as part of our history this year and we used Famous Men of Middle Ages earlier this year.



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The UPS man just stopped by our little abode, only to find himself swamped by children. Of all the books he delivered today (including two very enticing "You Wouldn't Want to Wear..." and "How to Be a..." books), it was Stories of Roland and Stories of Robin Hood that the boys are now curled up with for the afternoon.


Past reads they've also enjoyed include Stories of Beowulf, and Parables of Nature. Honestly, we haven't had a dud from there, or from the online choices, at al


Selections from Yesterday's Classics is pretty much our Spring reading/post-new-baby reading list. :)

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Not sure what age your children are but we have "The Children's Plutarch, Tales of the Romans", "50 Famous Stories Retold" and "A Child's Own Book of Verse" Book 1. I've been very pleased with all of them. I'm about to purchase "Famous Men of the Middle Ages," but I want them all! Angela

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