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Need some fun lapbook or other ideas to do with Ancients with dd10 (not crafts)


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Okay, she's in FIFTH grade so I didn't think I'd need much of this! Plus we're doing TOG so she does some "fun" things like drawing the ten plagues of Egypt, drawing her timeline figures, etc. But ds7 is doing the free SOTW lapbook and she would like more things like this now too.


I'm fine with her doing it, and she'd be good with making it fairly meaty, which I would want it to be so there is some good learning involved-like writing a paragraph about Tut in a lapbook fold, etc. I also had her recently do a compare/contrast with a Venn diagram of Egyptian vs. Christian beliefs, so that type of thing could be a lapbook fold.


Is there anything ready-made like this? Doesn't have to be a lapbook, but something similar. Maybe something like the type of notebook they do with Heart of Dakota? NOT crafty-more like notebooking or something that would include some good output with writing. Thanks!

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5Knights-awesome! I had already bookmarked the Ancient Greece one on HSShare. I'm so bummed that we're already done with Egypt and can't use the other ones! I will check the lapbook sellers if I can't find anything free, thank you for the great links!


alilac-will take a look at the book you suggested, thanks!

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Would making a game for the younger one be too crafty?


Maybe triva questions for a board game or some kind of themed scavenger hunt?


The Ancient Egyptians and Thier Neighbors (and the Israelites one) have lots of extra info. The activites are very crafty, but the info is very interesting, and often not found in other books. I have been making my 5th grader read it and they often end up doing some of the crafts on thier own. Because there is such good background info I can easily see her doing a presentation or teaching the younger one after completeing a section.


For example, most of the "countries" have a section on architecture then a few pages about arch, then a model of a house or temple to make. If she made the model she could then teach you or her brother about it. Most also have a section on food, again a few pages about what or why they ate, then a meal to make. I can see you all trying the meal while she tells you why you are eating those things.

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