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Need Help with Interview Questions


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I want to do a post with my brother about his homeschool experience. We decided to do it interview style but I need some help coming up with questions.


He is a graphic designer. Most of his work has been with Ironworks magazine (motorcycles) but he has been self-employed (and incredibly busy) for the last year. He was homeschooled through High School and received his degrees from AUM.


So what would you want to know about a successful self-employed graphic designer who was homeschooled? Oh, and he is married and has a three year old little girl who is cute as a button.


I'm thinking...


What were the positives of being homeschooled?

What, if anything, would have liked to had done differently?

How did homeschooling prepare you for your career?

How has it shaped your strengths and interests?

How (if any) it shaped your worldview.

What is your answer to the socialization issue?

Was it difficult to get into college?


I don't know. He's my little brother. I'm pulling a blank.

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What about....


What was your favorite subject and why?


How prepared were you for college? (I would add this to the college related question)


I would craft a question that would bring an answer that tells how being homeschooled has made him a self-learner and/or a self-starter.


Hopefully you'll get more replies. :confused:

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might also be interesting to know about his college experience - many colleges & universities now are more accepting of homeschoolers... you did list the question about whether it was difficult to *get in* ~ but it might be interesting to also hear what his experience itself was like. how did the professors & other students react when he told them he'd been homeschooled? were they accepting? curious? (and did he find it difficult at all to take part in a "regular" classroom environment?)


(just thinking again in comparisons to today)

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might be interesting to ask about materials as well ~ as a homeschooling parent, i'd be curious about that... there are a LOT more materials available today than there would have been when i was a kid (assuming similar time frames) .. what was the most commonly used program/etc then? did your folks follow a very 'school at home' approach, workbooks & texts? or ??

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