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Help! I need to find a scripture and a quote that

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reflects the theme Memories. A dear friend of mine is going in for a very major surgery called the Whipple. Another friend is compiling a book with 40 different letter based on themes. As you can see, mine is Memories- I have know this friend since elementary school so I have memories going back decades to share. Below are the guidelines for the project. I need help with the bolded parts below!


oLetter based on the theme you’ve chosen/received

oScripture references that coincide with your theme

oA quote (doesn’t have to be a verse) that reflects the theme

oA challenge (which we’ll call “life giving action†so as not to feel like “workâ€) that coincides with the theme. For example, if your theme is rest your “life giving action†could be encouragement for df to take a relaxing bubble bath by candlelight.


Thanks for your help!

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Lord, keep my memory green.-Charles Dickens


We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten. -Cesare Pavese


Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age. -Booth Tarkington


Memory is the diary that we all carry with us. - Oscar Wilde

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In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in. ~Robert Brault,



1 Thessalonians 3:6 (New International Version)


Timothy's Encouraging Report


6But Timothy has just now come to us from you and has brought good news about your faith and love. He has told us that you always have pleasant memories of us and that you long to see us, just as we also long to see you.




encourage you to think about your favorite memory and we can giggle about it when I come visit you

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