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We had a Young Scientist terrarium kit that we put together in an empty apple sauce jar before we moved. It came w/...some kind of rocks--I forget, dirt pellets, & a packet of "seed mixture."


It started sprouting the week of the move, and we very carefully moved it to the new house in a kid's lap.


The day after the move, somebody saw the jar sitting on its side on the kitchen counter (ils) & set it up on its end. It hasn't been the same since.


So the point of the experiment was the water cycle, which we did get to see a little bit, but I can't tell which parts were necessary--does that make sense? What do I need to do to try it again? It seems silly to order another kit, & I can't tell from the ones I've looked at if they all do the same thing exactly.



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Rocks or pebbles at the bottom, a little potting mix, and a plant of some description. You can use seeds or get a seedling.


:iagree: You don't need to buy another kit. Just put one together yourself. We made them all the time as kids. We got our rocks out of the driveway, some potting soil (or dirt from the yard in a pinch), and put in a plant or some seeds, and your done!

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Thanks, guys. Yes, it was charcoal it came with--thanks!


So...can I just use the same dirt & charcoal & add new seeds & water? Will the dead sprout-things in there be good, bad, or neutral for a new try?


Finally...what kind of plant(s), do ya think?

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