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CVS bucks takes a little bit of figuring out, but is SO worth it. check out http://www.hotcouponworld.com for a tutorial and all the info you need. I save literally thousands a year using the system!


I print a lor of my coupons from sites like coupons.com.


There are many websites that will tell you what coupons to print and match them up to store sales. couponmom.com is also a good one.

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I order coupons that I use a lot of from E-bay, Lorihas3kids.com and http://www.mycouponhunter.com/ just depends which ones I'm looking for and my needs. I do do cvs, you spend a little bit oop at first to accumulate ECB's, but then you can roll them and use them on things that have extra care bucks. http://www.iheartcvs.com is a good website to get started and see what's coming ahead.

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Ha, I just published my first blog post about couponing (mainly so I have a record of seasonal sales cycles)! My post is specfic to my own shopping, though.


Anyway, I use various websites to gather deal ideas, like www.HotCouponWorld.com (with separate forums for individual stores). There is a website (Southern Savers?) which does the same thing for that region's stores only----since I don't live there, I don't read it but you might. I also use my own stores' websites to preview the ads as sometimes my ads through the mail are delivered late.


I mainly use insert (ie newspaper) coupons. I have a source of free newspapers and another source of half-price newspapers, so I'll either snag or purchase more newspapers than the one I get on Sunday. If there's a coupon that I know will result in a free item, I will order additional coupons through one of the many clipping services. I have used MyCouponHunter, KuntryKippers and CouponsThingsByDede (google to find the links--trying to be quick right now while dd is reading).


I also use printables since my stores do allow them. Coupons.com, SmartSource.com, BettyCrocker.com are some that I use regularly.


Oh, and I don't do CVS because there isn't a store convenient to me. I do RiteAid, especially since they've added the +UP rewards---those will "roll" on the same item :D One week I went to RiteAid every day for a facial cleanser----------------8 packages for free! I also do Walgreens as much as possible, but we live in a "short ad" region and don't get all the good Register Rewards deals.


Know your stores' policies! Find out if they double, up to what price, how many like coupons are allowed per transaction, and so on. I have 3 stores that double up to $.99 so a $.75 is worth $1.50. A fourth store only doubles to $.50, so that same $.75 coupon is only worth $1.00 there.

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I get a LOT of coupons from the check out machine. While half of them are usually worthless (trying to get me to buy items I don't need or want), the other half tend to be really good. Right now, I have $10 in "cash" coupons (no particular items) to use tomorrow.

My regular grocery store also has a program to attach coupons to my customer card. And they send me store coupons every month or two. They also put extra flier coupons and the coupons they run in free community papers on a table right at the front of the store.


I only print online coupons if they're especially good. Otherwise, I don't want to waste my ink and paper.


On The Grocery Game's forums, they run coupon trains where you send out coupons you don't need and take out the ones you want. I wasn't a big fan of that one, but I did give it a shot.


If there are particularly good coupons out there, I do go to CouponMaster.com and order extras. Their service is really fast, so I can check my circulars first to match up sales for that week.


Overall, I mostly stick to the newspaper coupons. Now that I've been doing this for a long time, it's easier to tell when to seek out extras and when to skip them.

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Also, if you check out http://www.thecouponclippers.com/coupons/calendar.php then you can see what coupons are coming out for the weekend paper. You can also just do a coupon preview search online. You will also want to buy the highest circulated paper for your area to get the best coupons. Not all of the coupons listed on the previews will be in every paper.

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http://hip2save.com/ is a GREAT couponing site. She has "how to" videos (they're called "Follow Me Mondays") where she takes you into Walgreens, Rite Aid etc. and shows you exactly what to do. I guess the thing I liked the most about it is that she is very fun to watch and it gets you motivated.

Even though I don't coupon anymore (time consuming etc.) this is where I learned how to do everything.

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