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Vent about dd's dad

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My oldest dd has an orthodontist appointment today. She was supposed to get her braces off over the summer but her father lost his job and his insurance. He was supposed to call and arrange payments, instead he "wasn't ready" and just cancelled her scheduled appointment. When a month went by and he still did nothing, DH and I paid the balance due (almost $600) so she could continue her treatment (with the understanding that ex would pay us back when he returned to work). She had an appointment right before school started (her first after a 3-4 month gap) and her next appointment is today - while she is with her dad. After her last appointment (6 weeks ago) I sent him an email telling him when the appointment was and that it was his week. Last week I sent him a reminder. Last night at 10pm, I get a text from dd asking me when her appointment is.:glare: Evidently her dad thought it was Friday despite being told Thursday twice. :confused: Then dd begs me to bring her because her stepbrothers car broke down and he needs to get to work so her dad wants to cancel another appointment. Why the stepbrother isn't getting dropped off, I don't know (too much inconvenience for ex probably). DD's all upset because "everyone is freaking out" on her. Why they are freaking out at her when it was her dad's mistake, I don't know.


I'm so angry that now I have to haul the two little guys out to take her to this appointment that should've been taken care of. DH is in India so this week has been overwhelming to say the least. We are getting torrential rain, high winds and flooding today so I really don't want to go out in it, especially not with the little guys. I HATE driving in heavy rain. But, if I don't do it, it's dd who's going to suffer. Her father won't give a darn. :mad:


Edited to add: If we change her appointment she'll also end up having to miss more school. We were lucky enough to get an appointment where she'll only miss 15 minutes of class and a free period. The orthodontist has very limited hours and the afterschool hours go quickly.

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