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Now what? Base 10 blocks


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Yesterday I was finally able to purchase c-rods and base 10 flats to use with miquon math. A few months ago I read an older post stating base 10s were useful with miquon however I didn't know if I should purchase the flats, single sticks?, or the cube. I ended up purchasing a set of flats thinking I could go back and buy the others if necessary. Do I need them all or will the flats work? Now what? I understand how to use c-rods but the base 10 is foreign to me. I understand what it is supposed to show but how to teach it is a different thing altogether. Any tips?

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If you have c-rods, the flats together with the rods are sufficient for teaching place value. The white cubes are your units, the orange rods are your 10s, the flats are your 100s. You could buy the thousand cubes, but most children will understand place value by the time they are doing math in the thousands.


You can use the flats, 10s, and units to teach regrouping. When you get to addition and subtraction with regrouping (ex: 17+26 or 21-15), the base ten blocks help the child to have a concrete example of what they're doing when they regroup to solve a problem.


There are other ways to use them, but that's probably the most basic use.

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