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Facebook friend request question

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I have a friend that recently joined facebook. We've been encouraging her to join for awhile, so I'm pleased that she did. I got a "Rhonda is now friends with XXX (this friend)" on my profile. The thing is, I didn't know she had joined facebook and I hadn't requested or confirmed a friendship request. I would have confirmed it, but this is strange. Is this a change to facebook?

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Guest RecumbentHeart

Had you sent her an invitation to join from inside Facebook? It might be automatic if an invited person does sign up via the sen invite. I don't know. Just a random idea.

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I have quite a few friends whose Facebook accounts have been hacked recently, so you might want to keep an eye on it.

I don't know what the point of hacking a Facebook account would be, but there you go...


Because people have so much personal information on their facebook. For example, several people in our area have recently had their debit card number


When we were visiting in Kansas we got a call from our bank because someone had taken an ATM in Utah with dh's card. After verifying that we were not in Utah the bank immediately cut the card off, and sent a new card on its way. The next day someone unsuccessfully attempted to hack dh's facebook account, he also had about 10 "friend requests" from young, attractive, scantily clad women. There is probably enough information on people's facebooks to answer at least some bank security questions. People need to have good passwords for everything, even facebook.

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