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Saxon's Math In Focus Singapore Approach...is it worth it?


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So I saw this at my local homeschool store last week and it was nearly love at first sight. I say nearly because I really didn't flip through it thoroughly and I of course haven't got to use it firsthand...


Here's the deal. I've tried Singapore with my 8 yr old (for 5 months last year) and some of the lessons we both were crying through, literally. I don't know if the level was too hard for him, or if I just didn't know how to teach it to how he understands.

We're doing Math-U-See now (as stated in my other other post that I just posted about Saxon math an hour ago...lol) and its just so...boring? I don't know. I'm not impressed. A bit confusing for me, the videos bore him to tears, and it's just blah... Maybe its the mastery approach. However, I find it moving veeerrrry slowly. It's a month into the school year and he's learning NOTHING new yet. I've even skipped a whole level already and skip through chapters pretty fast.


My 5 yr old is also bored by Math-U-See.


SO....I'm seriously considering getting the Saxon's Math In Focus program for both of them. Money is not an issue because we belong to an ALE and this would be paid for out of their student allocation funds. I haven't bought much this year at all, trying to buy as cheap as possible and even use free resources where I can. So this would be my one splurge. ;)


Do you think I should go for it? Any drawbacks to the Math in Focus program?



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Not Saxon but rather Houghton-Mifflin. Same parent company, different product line.


Oh, I see. I first saw it on the Great Source website - which I just noticed has "Houghton Mifflin Harcourt" in tiny letters in it's banner. I knew it was published by the same company, but this is the first time I'd seen it referenced as a Saxon math program.

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I thought it was by Saxon?

I've seen it advertised as Saxon's approach to Singapore math. Rainbow Resource said: New to the Saxon Homeschool catalog this year is Math in Focus, the newest U.S. edition of the widely-used Singapore math program.


Or is the Saxon homeschool products different then Saxon math?


I'm confused. lol

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AFAIK Saxon has nothing to do with MIF beyond them both being owned by the same parent company. MIF is an American version of the My Pals Are Here new syllabus Singapore math program. Saxon was developed by John Saxon here in the U.S. Very different approaches as MIF is "soft spiral" and conceptual while Saxon is "incremental" and traditional.

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