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the math mammoth miracle


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Truly, I thought my dd would never get math.


We have tried many, many approaches and a lightbulb was not going off.


I started her with MM this year (week 5 now) and she is understanding for the first time ever.


I pray this does not change as we get into the higher levels. But, at the least, she is feeling more confident and definitely gets more math than she did before MM. :)

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Woohoo! Happy for you! We really like Math Mammoth here too. I feel that we have found our fit. We spent half an hour today playing with the abacus and counting tens and ones. Ds enjoyed that, which is always nice, as he doesn't like math (it takes effort).

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May I ask what you like about it? We have some math struggles here as well and I'm wondering if it might work for us.



1. It provides very clear, explicit conceptual explanations (i.e. teaches the why as well as the how), with each concept broken down into small increments, and walks the student through it step-by-step.

2. It was designed specifically for homeschoolers by a mathematician/certified math teacher.

3. The all-in-one format is extremely easy to use — no separate textbook, workbook, teacher's guide, extra drill books, etc.

4. It's written directly to the student.

5. There are lots of practice problems, including good, solid, multi-step word problems, which really challenge kids and make them think.

6. It has built-in review, and includes cumulative reviews and tests.

7. It's inexpensive and reusable with multiple kids.


Here are some more threads discussing MM:




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