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Teachers' Lounge! 9-29-2010

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Sorry I'm a little late today. My sister and I had a Yard Sale today. Yep, today. Wednesday. How did it go? It did exactly what I wanted it to do: help stretch the end of my money until the end of the month (which is tomorrow). So, in that regard, it was a success. But it's HOT out today and I could have done without that!:tongue_smilie: Moving on...


What's for lunch today? Now that I've been blessed with a little extra money AND gas in my car, today I am enjoying Taco Bell!:001_smile:


What's your weather like today?

Here it's too dang HOT!


And how has God blessed you this week? And how have you paid it forward?


Literally, at the exact same time yesterday, I was blessed with a care package from a friend and a friend from church called offering to fill up my gas tank! I accepted both!:) (It was much appreciated and needed and I KNOW it was all from God!)


Plus, I was given some extra things, from another friend, to sell at our yard sale, and I was to keep the money. I only sold one or two of her things but as I looked through the clothes as we were wrapping up, I thought I'd take them to our homeschool group's first official Park Day this Friday and bless someone else with the clothes.


What's going on with YOU? :bigear:

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Reply in quote, in new colors!

What's for lunch today? Children had sandwiches, mac& cheese, and fresh oranges. I had cabbage, lots of tea, and some nuts


What's your weather like today?

Hot again - although just the 80s. Way better than the 100s but still not as cool as I would like.


And how has God blessed you this week? And how have you paid it forward?


We are going to move soon - our house passed inspection yesterday with few issues. I have been blessing charity thrift stores with good items from my home. The one I chose today was actually kind of overwhelmed that I would actually want to give them all 5 boxes and 3 huge bags of stuff... I don't think the knew what to do with such a large donation.


What's going on with YOU? :bigear: Lots, but not lots LOL. Preparing to move. Homeschooling. Cleaning house. Laundry. Not losing weight. feeling loved.

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Lunch: 1/2 of an Italian flatbread with some cheese melted on it, salad with tomato and onions, water


Weather: foggy to start, nice 70 degree sunny weather now.


How I've been blessed: basically by being able to still get the basics done despite lots of things threatening to get in the way.


Paying it forward: little things - a phone call to a friend in the hospital, monitoring my kids who are paying it forward much more than I am this week - dd called a friend who is very lonely after moving 1000 miles away, ds is going to mow our neighbor's yard, both kids are pet-sitting for the next 3 months for another neighbor

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