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Is this historically accurate? or What do they teach kids in school?

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My friend posted on FB today a caption under a picture of her highschool son. (sorry, I just discovered that original sentence didn't make sense)

" 'Joe' was a Roman gladiator for Medieval day (for homecoming week at his high school)". And I thought to myself... do I comment? Will it occur to anyone that the gladiators were about 1000 years prior to the knights? Did this kid realize this, but just wanted to be a gladiator? What do they teach kids about history these days?

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Well, there were still gladiator games occurring in Roman Britain near the time of pull-out and I think they continued in some places until the fall of Rome. And remember, the eastern empire didn't fall when the west fell (but they favored chariot racing over gladiatorial games).


This end of the classical period was really the beginning of the dark ages and the rise of knights (like Arthur) began at about that time, so there was some degree of overlap. But I'm sure the schools aren't teaching this degree of detail, LOL, and you're right that the height of the gladiator vs. the height of the chivalric knight were at some distance from each other....

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