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I just wish all bad/difficult people could live together....

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on another planet. Wouldn't that be nice?


I find that as I age, I become more and more intolerant of bad behavior among adults.




I'm sure most of you don't remember me posting a LONG time ago about a VERY difficult person in my life. We went to church together, the same homeschool group, and EVEN the same classes at the YMCA. Planned? NO!!! But we live in a small town and there is only one homeschool group (well, now two but I'm at the one I've been at for years and plan to stay here) and dd joined synchronized swim; there are only two teams in our state. We had no choice but to stay at the places we were. Not only that, why leave because of one difficult person?


Well, she was kicked out of our church. That was good, but we're no longer going to ANY church (another story entirely). Last year she was asked to leave our homeschool group. Let me tell you, the atmosphere change was palpable and everyone is SO MUCH HAPPIER now. Now this year she's not in synchronized swim, and come to find out, the coaches were thinking of ways to deal with her AND her daughter, whom is turning out to be just like her. She pulled the same crap in all three settings. I hate to talk about people, but it was OBVIOUS that I was relieved to hear this family was gone from swim, which caused ALL the moms to open up about how they almost didn't sign up for swim because of her, etc. etc. SAD.


Anyway, my issue? What this woman did is still wreaking havoc on people. Some people still believe what she's said (she lies about people and turns people against each other. She wants everyone to be her friend but nobody to have friends with ANYONE ELSE BUT HER.) but for the most part, it's the children. The adults are wise and came to know how she is. Some of the kids have been pitted against each other and it makes me sad that my dd is involved in any way. I asked dd if she wanted me to fix one situation but she said no, she didn't care. I know my dd has other friends in the group so I'll let it be. I don't want to deal with it. I have two mentally ill siblings and a disturbed, challenging child. And my child made me VERY cranky today and I can't wait for another half hour to pass because I'll be out of here and won't have anyone intentionally pushing my buttons until tomorrow. (I'm so much better at not allowing her to affect me but I do have my limits.) I'm tired of trying to hold it all together for everyone else, tired of being the peace maker/keeper, trying to help everyone. I'm just going to let it go.


But every single time I see this girl ignoring my dd (today dd told her she looked pretty in her dress! The other girl turned her head and walked away.) I just want to do something.


I'll ride it out. I need to just let it go, especially since dd is fine. She doesn't really like this girl anyway.

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on another planet. Wouldn't that be nice?




My first reaction is, "We are." Each of us is bad/difficult in her own special way.


Sorry you have to deal with one of the outliers on the bell curve :grouphug: This is the primary reason I'm glad to leave small towns behind. To me, the good just didn't outweigh the inability to avoid certain people.

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