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Catholic Moms - Need Help


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Some time ago I asked about Our Holy Faith and Living My Religion. I am unable to find the notes I made, and so much has been going on (my excuse), I can't remember which one I decided to try. I'm looking particularly for my 4th graders. We have used a combination of the Baltimore Catechism and Faith and Life, but frankly, we are bored (me particularly) with the Balt. Catechism. I want something that gives more than just the dry question/answer format.


Also, I'm thinking about taking my 8th gr. dd through one more time before we begin high school. I'm looking at the first book in the Didache series but also wondering how one of the 8th gr. books from the above series would work.


Any help is appreciated.

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We tried Our Holy Faith for the first month of school and my children's interest in studying their catechism went way down. In the past we used the BC and did it as a group and I wanted a change, so I tried OHF. One dd complained and complained about it and told me how much she wanted to go back to doing catechism together. When I tried to talk to an older dd about how OHF was working for her, she said she just tries to get through it as quickly as possible and she already knows everything in there.:glare:


It's such a shame because I really like OHF. We read Bible based selections or saint stories together every day so I thought this was enough together-religion time, but it's not for them. We're going back to the BC. But, I think I'll keep those 3rd & 5th grade books for my next one.


BTW, they also have to read and do assignments based on Faith & Life for their CCD classes, so perhaps the OHF was a little overkill. :confused:


Now, about Didache, I haven't seen the first book in the series, but my high schooler is using the History of the Church. I love it and she seems to like it well, too. I particularly like how they incorporate the timeless teachings of the Church that have particular relevance today as well as passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Not a Catholic (I mean me, personally), but have you considered St. Patrick's Summer: a children's adventure catechism ? It has an interesting format and is surprisingly deep as well. I was genuinely surprised and pleased by how good it is.


ETA: This first came to my attention through Drew Campbell of Latin Centered Curriculum and Living Memory. Figured his endorsement was more useful than mine. ;)

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