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Fountain Pens revisited . . . help?

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I'd like a specific kind of fountain pen.


I would like one that has a firm but flexible nib that will allow the teeth to spread when pressure is applied. The purpose for that is so that the pen would make fine and broad strokes or lines by varying the pressure.


Remarkably, I'd like it to be fairly inexpensive.


Any help?

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Is this for your 11-year-old? My dd presses very hard and tends to bend and break pens and pencils, but she's been okay with my Lamy pen, which has a sturdy plastic nib. I bought it in the UK, but you can get them through amazon along with the cartridge refills in multiple colors of ink.


There are also some pretty amazing marker-type artistic pens, some of which work like calligraphic pens. We have a bunch from the art store.

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Nooooo! It's for me! My girl is still using the Varsity pens and if she can keep up with them, I'll get her the Lamy or another one for Christmas.


I'm looking at the Merlina.



But hey, did you ever use the Varsity disposable fountain pen? My chief complaint about it is that big chunky line. Is the Lamy (the cute kid's one) a finer line?

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