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I have to work on Halloween, any suggestions for the kids?

Guest Cindie2dds

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Guest Cindie2dds

I have to work on Halloween. I am so bummed. We usually go down to Houston and go trick or treating in my dad's neighborhood. The houses are decorated and everyone is outside because of the warm weather. It's truly magical for the kids.


Anyway, I am going to be flying, don't know where yet; but I still want my girls to have a great time. Any suggestions for dh? We live on a farm, so no neighborhood. Should I try to find them a neighborhood close by? Any simple things for them to do here that would still be fun? The local church activities are too crowded and crazy.


What would you all do?



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Guest Cindie2dds
Could your dh still take them to your dad's neighborhood?


ETA: If that doesn't work, I would try to find a nearby neighborhood where your dh can take them. Also, can your dh take them to a pumpkin patch/hayride anywhere nearby?


A pumpkin patch is a great idea if they are actually open that day. I will look into the ones in our area. My dad is 3 plus hours away. I guess he could probably take them, but a road trip by himself down there might not be what he wants to do.


Make some fun decorations before you leave and plan their favorite easy dinner (pizza) and have dh take them to another neighborhood. Take pictures for digital slide show to show you when you get home. Family parties are fun!


Great ideas! Thank you!


One year we let the kids pick their favorite treats, dressed up, and watched scary movies. They loved it.


Does he not like your Dad? My husband would totally go t-o-t with mine.


It's not that he doesn't like my dad, quite the opposite, they get along great. It's just he's far away(3 plus hour drive). I don't know if he would actually pack the girls up for a road trip on his own. I have never asked him, though. I might just see what he thinks about the idea. :)

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