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Did you feel that one?

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It woke me up this morning feeling like something was not right. I wasn't sure what was wrong tho just knew something was wrong and our 4 cats were being vocal and doing naughty things. The youngest cat still a kitten jumped on our bed and was a bit frantic. He think dh and I are his mom and dad when he gets picked on he runns to us and wants to be picked up :rolleyes: I checked to see if our doors were locked and clamed the kitties :001_smile:


Went thro one when I was a kid in ps 1st grade when we lived in CA and I remember throwing up and crying along with half the class and then being sent home . No motion sickness this time round.

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so I have nothing to add there, have never been through one. This a.m., though, for Bible, the dc and I read Matthew 24:1-28 and had a discussion over Jesus talking about the end, the birth pangs, etc.. Earthquakes were big part of that discussion...then oddly, here I am reading about many of you experiencing an earthquake today. My dc think that is too weird!! lol



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