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Math memory work - is there a curriculum or a list etc...

Heather in VA

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Ok - I realize this is super lame but I need an organized way to drill memory work. I'm thinking about more than just the facts but things like skip counting, days of the week, months of the year, measurements and I'm sure there is more. Is there a list, a curriculum something out there that I can use to help me organize our drill?


If Singapore continues to be successful (we had another great day with it today) then I'm going to need something to replace the one thing in Saxon that was going well - the drill part. Its too expensive to keep buying Saxon just for the drill. Any thoughts? I think I want something broader than just a bunch of Calculadder sheets. I realize this should be simple but if I don't have it laid out for me, either by the curriculum or some list I can schedule myself, it isn't going to happen.



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