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What is the best way to take probiotics?


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I have been having some GI issues due to medications. I have New Chapter All Flora and thought I would see if it would help.


What is the best way to take probiotics? Morning/Noon/Night? Small doses throughout the day or more at once? With food/without? Does it matter if it is a cool drink or hot drink (refrigerated capsules)? Any other suggestions?

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We use them twice a day. I like spreading out the doses partly because sometimes things can interfere with getting them to where they need to go.


But once a day is better than none in my opinion. If these don't help you consider trying a probiotic that has research to support it. Some are proven to survive the digestive process and do what they need to do. So if this one doesn't help (I hope it does) I'd encourage you to try another one (VSL the previous poster mentioned, Culturelle, and Florastor are all well researched and proven. Klaire labs probiotics does a lot of research on their probiotics as well and I would trust them).


Cool food or drinks if you have to mix it in. Otherwise I don't know if it matters but I'd probably not take them with coffee or similar hot drink that is hotter than body temperature anyway.


I can tell you what we do. When we first get up in the morning the kids take probiotics with a smoothie while I make breakfast. Then they eat as soon as I get the food ready so soon afterward. In the evening they take them with their bedtime snack. You do not want an empty stomach but there is controversy about food vs. water. Here is a little on that from Klaire labs. http://www.klaire.com/images/Klaire_Pro_Web.pdf

Advocates of ingesting probiotics with meals reason that food buffers stomach acid, thereby providing protection and nutrients for the microorganisms. Those who recommend taking probiotics without food usually suggest consuming them with lots of water. Water dilutes the stomach acid and moves the organisms quickly into the intestines without subjecting them to high concentrations of digestive juices and bile. Few studies provide specific support for either approach. However, studies have administered probiotics with meals and have documented benefits. The most prudent approach is to consume probiotics with moderate amounts of food.
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