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Low acceptance rate at state U/In-state vs out-of-state

Yolanda in Mass

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My son is a transfer student at our state university's flagship campus and he told me that the "word on the street" is that this year the university had the lowest acceptance rate ever! I'm not surprised as more private schools have tuitions exceeding $40-45K per year.


Also - as an ancillary point, a college counselor told me that being out-of-state, and even better, out-of-the-region, can increase your chances greatly for acceptance and money! Colleges, excuse me, universities love having out-of-staters as it enhances their reputation! You don't want to be a university full of local yokels. It's all a numbers game, eh?



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This is true at our ds's large state uni as well. It is was a competitive uni before, especially for engineering. It has become more so because of the secondary baby boomers plus the economy prompting more to apply to college. State schools are perceived as cheaper, even though private colleges often give scholarships to compensate for the higher costs.


It is also true that it is easier to get into a state school if you live in podunk. We live in a rural area. The uni is required to try to admit students from all regions of our state, so it is a bit easier for students from our town to be accepted. Closer to D.C. there are some of the top high schools in the nation, such as Thomas Jefferson High School. It is not unheard of for students from TJ with perfect SAT scores to be denied admittance from UVA, William & Mary, or Va Tech.


State schools are no longer the fallback options for even good students.



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