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I am SO glad I got the Kindle for ds.

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Thank you so much for the answers that you guys have provided in the last few months as I sorted through the various e-readers. I finally made a decision and ordered the Kindle a few weeks ago. It came a few days ago and ds is reading again! I'm so happy. He used to be a great reader, but slowed considerably a year or two ago when he had read every book in our house (at least all the ones that interested him) and every decent book at the library. We have a very bad library, so that list was small. He was still reading assigned books for school, but wasn't doing a lot of reading for fun like he used to. Ds got some money for 'educational purposes' from my mom recently and I put it toward the Kindle. He's got about 50 classic books that he's downloaded for free and is about half-way through reading the first one already! Yea!

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