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Beginning Basket Weaving [w/ a 14yos] --advise us, please!

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I checked out several basketweaving sites, but there are SO MANY choices!!


paper ropes! wooden economy bottoms! different styles! different kinds of tools.....



My almost 14yos is wanting to do some basketweaving--

he did a couple little baskets at Scout camp last summer--soaking the reed, using a wooden bottom. i was kinda surprised when i picked him up and people kept telling me how impressed they were w/ his baskets... [baskets?? MY kid?? ok....]. Then i saw his baskets compared to the other kids: his baskets REALLY stood out against the other boys-- he has a lot of precision when it comes to fine motor skills.


he recently started knitting on a circle loom too.


anyway, he's been bugging me to do some more baskets. He wants to stay w/ "real" basketweaving: soaking the reeds, making his own base, etc.


I've noticed there's a few beginner tool kits, pattern kits, and sites, so if anyone could share a favorite one or two [or some to avoid altogether] I'd appreciate it. I'd rather get good stuff that will "grow" as his experience does than stuff that's too kiddish.


and we're in the DFW area, so if there's a nice store around, that would be good. i didn't see anything at Walmart, hobby lobby, or joanne's.



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They have good beginner kits.


Maybe the next thing for him to try should be a pine needle basket. Those are really beautiful and there are a lot of design variations that can work.


He should also research weaving guilds on the internet. Some of those cover basket weaving as well as cloth. At least if you contacted your local one, you could probably find someone in your area who does this. And it is such an obscure little group that everyone I have ever met who does it is DYING to tell you how and get you hooked as well. Start with the Handweavers Guild of America, and link down to your state guild affiliate and then find the local ones that way. The local ones should have a contact person on their website who could also point you to the best local and mail order sources for materials, and to the best books or videos.

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