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apple crisp question

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I spent four hours peeling and slicing apples to make enough apple crisp for us ALL to enjoy. NOTE: I have two teenage boys. :D Anyway, I'm tired now. Do you think I can keep all the apples covered and bake the crisps tomorrow? Or will they dry out? I'm not worried about them turning brown. They will anyway after cooked.....

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Funny that this popped up twice today. I answered this one earlier for Bethany.


Leave the crispy stuff off for the night. Just cover and put in the frig. Don't worry about water or lemon juice--it's totally unnecessary. When you want to bake it, uncover, sprinkle with the crisp, and bake. It will be fine. I do this all the time.


I have also been known to prep the apples and freeze them in a ziplock bag. When ready to cook I thaw about halfway, arrange in the pan, sprinkle crisp over top, and bake. It works just fine.

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I love apple crisp but find all the peeling laborious. Has anyone had any success making apple crisp with the peel still on the apple?





that's what I do- I just make sure the pieces are bitesize- cut the apple in wedges then cut the wedges into 2-3 pieces...it works fine for us.

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You need a Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer...it makes that job a snap!


I'm sure your apple crisp will be very tasty!



Absolutely the best use of 30 dollars I have ever spent. I've had mine for years and it is still going strong. I can make an apple pie in less than 30 minutes, including rolling out the pie crust from scratch and peeling/slicing apples.

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