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Extra practice in JAG/AG?


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(First of all, a plug - all 3 of my kids doing JAG/AG are loving it! Me too!)


My dd is doing JAG. She bombed a test today. The TM says to only have the child go on to the next unit if they get at least a 70% on the test. Well, dd didn't. So now what do I do?:confused:


I go back and redo the unit before and then the two units that were a problem. Though sometimes I will still go ahead some. For example Pumpkin is not totally getting adverbs and the sentence type 1 and 2. She isn't bombing the tests yet but she obviously has holes. I am going to have her finish the last two units then we will come back and re-do everything from Adverbs on.


I think sometimes having a bigger picture (going a bit forward) helps, it also puts more distance between when they last covered a unit and covering it again, so less chance of them remembering how they did it the first time and doing it from memory.


BTW I already had her repeat the units up to adverbs, because again she was doing OK, but every unit her scores were going down a a little. Re-doing them she did really well on all of them.



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I know I had asked in the past about extra practice and Erin suggested I use the units worksheets as a model and just change the sentences a bit.


For example if the sentence was...


"Bobby, the boy who lives across the street, has a new puppy"


On your new "worksheet" you could make the sentence read...


"Cindy, the girl who lives up the road, wants a new kitten"


You keep the basics but change it up a bit so it's not a complete repeat. This way they get extra practice, but wouldn't cause them to think they are doing it all over again.

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