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phonetic zoo ?s


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I am looking for a spelling program that is not teacher intensive because I have K, 2nd, 4th and twins 2yos. My 4th grader has never had spelling before because it has been a struggle up until this year to just get the 3Rs done. So I have started with Spelling Power and am finding I just don't have the time to work with her so it is not getting done. KWIM


I am wondering if Phonetic zoo would work. I am looking for something she could do independently for the most part. Also I would like it to reinforce the phonics rules since she had such a hard time learning to read I thought it might be a good idea.


Any info on the program would be appreciated. If anyone knows of another program that would work that does not cost as much that would be great too.Thanks



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It works at our house. I am a big fan. 2 of my kids were fine with a spelling program like Spelling Workout, but for one it just.didn't.work.

He aced his spelling tests, but never learned the rule and could apply nothing of what he learned in spelling to writing.


Last year in frustration (he was in 3rd), I purchased Phonetic Zoo A. It made a huge difference in his spelling and his confidence. He is able to complete the lessons independently, and each lesson takes as many times as he needs.


I was skeptical of the process, but it came highly recommended from one of the reps at Veritas Press. We are using it for the second year and I am happy, my son is happy and spelling is improved.

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We just started it with my 4th grader because I needed him to do spelling independently. It is not saving my any time (see reasons below) but I still like it.

1. My son is not quite ready for these level of words, so it is very slow going. The first lesson is using "ai" or "ay," then i before e, and then vowel teams--several of them. We just finished All About Spelling B, so this was a little bit of a stretch.

2. It works best if I spend about 20-30 minutes discussing the rule with him and breaking up the words like we did with All About Spelling. I do this once for every lesson.

3. He doesn't like using the CD's so I often end up reading the words to him (or my daughter).


My dd wants to start Phonetic Zoo, and is very excited about it, but I need her to wait until ds is farther along. She will whiz through it and love it, but she is also a natural speller.

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